Construction costs for a completely finished home vary widely, depending on the roof system you choose, how you plan to finish the interior, if you plan to do any of the work yourself, etc. Generally, our log homes are very comparable in price to a well-built custom framed home. An average sq.ft. price for a turn-key (finished home) with 12" logs and 2x12 roof system would be $140 per sq.ft. A lock-up (exterior finished) home would be approximately $85.00 sq.ft. for a home built 12" logs.

Loon Lake Home Turnkey Package

Log home package costs: $145.00 per sq. ft – main floor and loft footage added together

Turnkey package price to include the following:

Not included in price:

OPTIONS: Call us for pricing on the following:

Loon Lake Home Lock Up Package

Lock up package to include the following: Main floor and loft footage added together

Lock up price for materials only, $53.00 per sq. ft.

Lock up price for materials and labor $68.00 per sq. ft.

These prices do not include foundation costs.

Spring special on Loon Lake package: Only 5 packages available at this price and ends on May 1st, 2016

Lock up with 9” logs including labor, $103,800 ( Save $5,000 off regular pricing!)

Call about log sale prices that are sometimes available.